Ultrasonic Cleaning

Higher efficacy and reduced wastewater production

SIO micro-nanobubble technology dramatically enhances ultrasonic cleaning efficacy without the use of chemical agents


Superior Cleaning

Bursting bubbles generate shock waves that break up contaminants on surfaces and carry away sludge for cleaner tool and workpiece surfaces. Excellent forcleaning parts after production.

Kills Bacteria

Nanobubbles produce hydroxyl radicals for chemical-free elimination of odor causing bacteria and prevents biofilm buildup in lines. Creates a safer work environment for employees. Reduces cleaning time.

No Chemicals

Micro-Nanobubble cleaning does not require surfactants. It can reduce the production of harmful emulsions and allow water recycling.

Faster cleaning times

SIO UFB & Ultrasonic Cleaning Test

Test: cleaning grease (beef tallow) from an acrylic plate submerged in pure water using ultrasonic equipment: MCS-3P 40kHz, 3L tank

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SIO UFB Water Preparation:
A. Pure water & ultrasonic cleaning time approx.:                                      18.40 sec
B. SIO nanobubble water & ultrasonic cleaning time approx.:              12.76 sec   30% improvement
A. Pure Water & ultrasonic Grease on acrylic plate at start and 12.71 sec
B. SIO nanobubble water & ultrasonic Grease on acrylic plate at start and 12.71 sec

Micro-Nanobubble & Ultrasonic Lens Cleaning Test – Korean Lens Manufacturer

Test: cleaning contamination from lens using MNB (micro nanobubbles) and ultrasonic cleaning Method:

1st Filling tank Ultrasonic OFF
2nd Ultrasonic ON
Lens Before Cleaning
Lens After Cleaning with Micro-nanobubbles and Ultrasonic Cleaning