Nanobubbles Generator

SIO’s In-line Nanobubble generators offer scalable flow rates and integrates seamlessly into your existing system. The 100% stainless steel construction allows it to be used in harsh environments and it has no moving parts for minimal maintenance.

SIO Patented Internal Structure

Our unique, patented technology combines three fluid mechanic principals to produce a high concentration of stable, extremely small size nanobubbles without the need of any external gasses.


Static Mixing

A method for combining fluid materials which are forced feed over a pattern of mixing elements to generate a homogenous fluid stream.

Venturi Effect

The Venturi Effect is the reduction in fluid pressure caused by fluids passing through multiple channels of different widths. At the same time, it induces cavitation which leads to the formation of bubbles.

Swirling Flow

A method in which a swirling flow is generated in the device. The strong centrifugal force of the flow generates fine bubbles due to high smash and shear action of the fluids.

SIO Multiple Functions


The SIO generator has a superior ability to blend gas and liquids into a stable solution with consistent particle distribution.


The SIO generator produces a large number of nanobubbles with a strong negative surface charge which allows them to attract and remove dirt. By using nanobubbles you can reduce the amount of detergents and solvents used for cleaning.


The patented design of the SIO processor reduces surface tension of fluids which improves its permeability and makes it possible to apply it in various fields.


By improving the permeability of the fluid (E.g. CNC machining) the coolant has greater contact between the workpiece and the tool which allows the coolant to reach and cool the heat source.