Precision Machining

Increased feed & speed rates and extended tool life

Installed in over 2,500 machine shops throughout Japan, SIO nanobubble technology has proven to dramatically enhance the cooling and cleaning properties of machining coolant, increase production speed, extend tool life and improve overall production.


Increased Lubricity

Nanobubbles reduce surface tension of machining fluids for increased tool life, especially with tools utilizing through holes and band saw blades. Allows machines to run faster, shortening production time and increasing profits

Improved Heat Transfer

Nanobubbles increase heat transfer properties. Cooler tools for extended life, and cooler workpiece to allow machines to run at higher speeds increasing "feed and speed”

Superior Cleaning

Bursting bubbles generate shock waves that break up contaminants on surfaces and carry away sludge for cleaner tool and workpiece surfaces. Excellent for cleaning parts after production.

Kills Bacteria

Nanobubbles produce hydroxyl radicals for chemical-free elimination of odor causing bacteria and prevents biofilm buildup in lines. Creates a safer work environment for employees. Reduces cleaning time.

Increase in tool life

Increase feed & speed

• Machining time greatly shortened due to increased cut (highly improved efficiency)
• Reduced damage to the grinding wheel and abrasion loss (cost reduction)
• Warping of workpiece is reduced through better heat reduction

A. Pure water & ultrasonic cleaning time approx.:                                      18.40 sec
B. SIO nanobubble water & ultrasonic cleaning time approx.:              12.76 sec   30% improvement