Nanobubbles All Around the House

Enhanced cleaning. Reduce household chemicals.

Enhanced Cleaning

Nanobubbles lowers the surface tension of water and effectively removes contaminants from surfaces due to their negative charge.

No Electricity

Static design with no additional electrical input required for energy efficient generation of nanobubbles.

Less Detergents

Nanobubbles unique characteristics improves the efficacy of chemical, biological and physical processes which allow less use of detergents and other chemicals.

Healthier Plants

Nanobubbles increases physiological activity that promotes nutrient utilization and plant growth.

Nanobubbles Change Your Life.

Water for the entire house will be filled with nanobubbles.

By simply installing the SIO HOME generator on the main water line, it will turn all the water in the house into powerful nanobubble water.

The cleaning power of water is increased and pipes are kept clean.

Nanobubbles allow deep cleaning of skin pores during bathing, effectively remove contaminants from fruits and vegetables, helps keep pipes clean and much more.

The use of detergents and other chemicals are reduced.

Nanobubble waters cleaning efficacy makes it possible to reduce the amount and frequency in using chemicals for greater environmental benefits.

The Cleaning Power of Nanobubbles

Surfactant Action

Nanobubbles have a strong negative surface charge that enables them to absorb positively charged dirt and oily contaminants floating in the water.
Nanobubbles access hair follicles to remove dirt and oils.


Nanobubbles penetrate deep between fibers.

Nanobubbles get into the gaps between fibers, attaches to the dirt and floats them away.


Microbubbles burst to aggressively remove dirt.

Microbubbles burst creating pressure shockwaves to further dislodge dirt and float them away.


Keeps washing machine tubs and drainpipes clean

Besides clothes, Nanobubbles help clean the washing machines tub and drainpipes and reduces odors.