The SIO patented nanobubble generator is designed to use existing liquid flows to produces billions of stable nanobubbles without the need of any external gasses. Our unique technology combines three types of generation methods to achieve ultrafine bubble generation capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else.

SIO Advantages

No electricity required.

Micro & Nanobubbles generated at the same time (VS series)

No power unit required. No moving parts.

Compact and space-saving.

No running cost.

M Series

The M Series generates a high concentration of stable, optimally sized nanobubbles to improve performance and increase productivity for applications ranging from precision machining, food processing and agriculture to biomedical generation methods.

Nanobubbles are neutrally buoyant and electrochemically active, and they produce natural oxidants and reduce surface tension. These characteristics enable nanobubbles to replace inefficient, energy-intensive gas transfer equipment and harmful chemical oxidants and surfactants with a single, energy-efficient, chemical-free solution.

The M series compact, in-line design integrates seamlessly into existing systems for fast, easy-to-use, economical operation.

Images for reference only. Actual units may vary from images – subject to change
(1) Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): Hydrophobic, non-wetting, high density and resistant to high temperatures.
(2) Polyoxymethylene (POM): High mechanical strength and rigidity, low friction, and dimensionally stable.

M-series Nanobubble on left. V-series Microbubbles-Nanobubbles on right
All SIO generators can be integrated inline or used as nozzles as shown above

V Series

The V Series was developed specifically to generate both microbubbles and nanobubbles from one device for safe and effective cleaning & sanitizing, bacterial elimination, flotation separation and much more.

Microbubbles unique property of having a large surface area enables a quick and efficient mass transfer process between the liquid and gas phases that helps facilitate chemical reactions. This process also leads to the collapse of the microbubbles which produces pressure shock waves in the water to help breakdown bacteria and other contaminants.

As with the M series, the compact in-line design of the V series integrates seamlessly into existing systems for fast, easy-to-use, economical operation.

Images for reference only. Actual units may vary from images – subject to change

Turns tap water in the house into Nanobubble water

With just one SIO HOME installed in your main water line, ordinary household tap water is converted into ultrafine nanobubble water.

SIO HOME turns water supplied to the kitchen, bath, toilet, and throughout the home into ultrafine bubble water just by installing a single device, nothing else required.

Enhanced cleaning effect, reduced build-up and pipe maintenance.

Nanobubbles are known to enhance water’s cleaning ability to remove oils and dirt and are applied to shower heads, bathtubs, washing machines, and more. Nanobubbles are also used in the prevention of biofilm and pipe scaling such as after toilets reducing odor and maintenance.

Reduce household chemicals for a more friendly environment.

Reduce chemical cleaner usage and disposal into drains as well as potential to save on water consumption and related energy in heating with nanobubble’s greater cleaning power

Precision Machining Accessories

Maximize heat removal performance by spraying coolant evenly into the fine crevices of workpieces, grinding wheels, and cutting tools.

By simply connecting the Sniper Nozzle to the tip of the coolant hose the concentration and uniformity of the coolant is greatly enhanced leading to a major improvement in productivity as well as surface finish quality.


In the cutting and machining process, it is essential to make sure that cutting fluid is delivered to the tool and workpiece. Conventional nozzles often discharge a turbulent fluid making it difficult to be precise. The “Rectifier” is a high-performance nozzle that provides a solves this problem
By simply replacing a conventional coolant hose nozzle with the “Rectifier” the cutting fluid is better delivered to the point of process and efficiency is greatly improved.