Carpet & Hard Flooring

Reduces cleaning time, re-do services and chemical use

SIO nanobubble technology is revolutionizing the floor cleaning industry by enhancing the efficiency, sustainability, and effectiveness of cleaning processes.

Enhanced Cleaning

Nanobubbles provide superior cleaning results by increasing the contact area with surfaces and effectively removing contaminants

Less Detergents

Nanobubbles unique characteristics improves the efficacy of chemical, biological and physical processes which allow less use of detergents and other chemicals.

Deep Cleaning

Nanobubbles penetrate deep into fibers, pores and crevices of any material to effectively dislodge and removes hard to reach contaminants

Micro & Nanobubbles

Pressure shock waves produced from bursting microbubbles help dislodge contaminants and Nanobubbles produce free radicals whose oxidation and disinfection function enhance the cleaning effect

The Cleaning Power of Nanobubbles

Surfactant Action

Nanobubbles have a strong negative surface charge that enables them to absorb positively charged dirt and oily contaminants floating in the water


Nanobubbles penetrate deep into fibers, pores and crevices

Nanobubbles get into the gaps between fibers, attaches to the dirt and float them away.


Microbubbles burst to aggressively remove dirt.

Microbubbles burst creating pressure shockwaves to further dislodge dirt and float them away.